As a new applicant, when applying for your licence you will need to provide your Firearms Safety Awareness Certificate. Further information on this process is readily available by calling the Firearm Safety and Training Council on 02 9486 3077 or speak to your local shooting club.
For a renewal of your existing licence you will be sent a letter from the Firearms Registry advising of the pending expiration of your licence. You will then be required to re-apply for a licence and provide appropriate documentation to support your application. You will not require a Certificate of Firearms Safety Awareness for re-application of a current licence.
All applicants are required to provide evidence of their genuine reason, and applicants for Licence Categories B, C and D are also required to prove a special need for a licence in these categories.
Detailed information on how to apply for a licence can be obtained from the

Firearms Registry on 1300 362 562.

Police Record Check

It is necessary for the Police to check records to ensure that you are a person of good character.

Cooling Off Period

All licence applications are subject to a 28-day 'cooling off' period from the day on which the application is lodged. The Commissioner will not issue a licence until that period expires.

Refusal of Licence

The Commissioner of Police may refuse to issue a licence where he does not believe it would be in the public interest. Such factors include previous criminal history, absence of a genuine reason and assessments from local police of the person's character and fitness to own and/or use firearms.

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